Safe Residence Programme Silves


The GNR Silves Safe Residence Program (SRP) was created in February 2011.It is part of the Special Programs of the GNR. The team comprises a Cabo (Corporal) a Principal and two Guardas. Apart from their SRP duties the team also undertakes the Safe Commerce and Safe Elderly Programs. As at October 2016 there were approximately 1700 properties registered with the SRP Silves.

The responsibilities of the team include:

  • Registration of those wishing to join the scheme,
  • Regular visits to households to check all is well and provide advice and assistance where necessary
  • Undertaking visits to elderly residents in the SRP living in isolated areas as part of a special agreement with the Silves Municipal Council. This involves a Health care mobile unit and a nurse who together with the SRP team member visits the citizens, in order to provide medical care and security/safety advice.

As in other areas to benefit from the program it is first necessary to register your property. This is a simple process and can be done by emailing the address on the right of this page or through the contact telephone number. It is important to note that the SRP is only for people living in isolated areas, in order that the GNR can respond and locate the property quickly in an emergency.

Associacao Safe Communities Algarve helps the GNR promote the SRP in the area, through displays and seminars. There are also regular meetings with the Commander GNR Silves and the SRP team to exchange information and help develop crime prevention initiatives.



Personal message from the Comandante do Destacamento Territorial de Silves

“The Command of the GNR’s Silves Territorial Brigade is delighted by the partnership between the Association Safe Communities Algarve and the GNR in respect of the Safe Residence Programme, an initiative that it considers to be vitally important in bringing peace of mind to Portuguese and foreign residents in the municipalities of Silves and Lagoa.

As such, this Command is keen to continue in its efforts to take the Safe Residence Programme to an ever-increasing number of citizens and to maintain the policy of proximity policing, highly praised by the population in general, and, consequently, to contribute to everyone’s safety and well-being.

We hope to continue increasing the number of residents joining our programme so that we can effectively prevent and combat crime in our jurisdiction. Everyone’s efforts and their desire to be members of the Silves GNR’s Safe Residence Programme are essential for our success”.

António da Silva Ramos
Capitão de Infantaria

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