Safe Residence Programme Portimão


The GNR Residence Programme (SRP) Portimão covers the largest area in the Algarve. Properties can be very isolated stretching from Sagres to Monchique. The team is commanded by a Cabo (Corporal), appointed when the team was formed, assisted by a Guarda. As at October 2016 around 358 properties were registered with the programme.

Safe Communities Algarve and the SRP team held several joint crime prevention displays outside Baptista Supermarket in Praia da Luz and  at Intermarché Supermarket, Monchique. These events were well attended by residents in the areas.

To register with the Programme contact the team at the contact details given on this page.


Personal message from the Comandante do Destacamento Territorial de Portimão 

“In an increasingly global world, the intermingling of people and cultures is a day-to-day reality.

The Algarve is the perfect example of this universality, since the presence of foreigners in the region extends well beyond the confines of seasonal tourism.

While its daily duties naturally involve safeguarding the population, the GNR also strives to meet its various needs, often serving as liaison between different areas of society.

Safe Communities has been a first-rate partner in respect of working with the people who come from all over the world to visit us or to set up home here.”


Pedro Miguel Correia Pereira
Capitão de Infantaria

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