Safe Residence Programme Loulé


The Programa Residência Segura (Safe Residence Programme) was launched by the Guarda Nacional Republicana (GNR) in Alfeicao, Loulé in January 2010 following a number of violent indoor residential robberies targeted mainly against foreign householders in this area.

Residents in other villages also volunteered their services, and within the first few months of operation, other villages including Vale de Telheiro, Poco Geraldo, Cruz Do Assumada and Alfontes had joined the scheme. As at November 2016 the Programme had grown to some 37 villages in the Loulé area covering 2881 households.

The SRP in Loulé operates in a similar way to a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme and is planned and formed on a village by village basis.  When a SRP is formed in the area, the GNR SRP Team hold a gathering with local residents to introduce the scheme. These “gatherings” are also held at periodic intervals as resources allow. The latest of these is taking place in November 2016. In addition individual isolated properties are also registered with the SRP.

Associação Safe Communities Algarve has been actively promoting the SRP in the area since 2010, and has given help to those wanting to form such programmes. The Associação liaises regularly with the Commander GNR Loule Major Santos, as well as the team itself.

Details of how to form a SRP in your area can be found by downloading the PDF on this page.



Personal message from the Comandante do Destacamento Territorial de Loulé

“Four years after the innovative Safe Residence Programme was set up in the Municipality of Loulé in response to known security issues, we are now in a position to affirm that the bonds of trust and proximity between the community and the GNR have never been stronger.

Thanks to our response capacity, we have been able to cut crime rates and restore the peace of mind of residents living in more remote areas and those more likely to be targeted by criminals.

All this has only been possible thanks to the concerted efforts of everyone involved to implement, publicise and promote the programme, with a particular word of mention for Safe Communities Algarve. Help us to help you. We are all responsible for the safety of our community”.

Paulo César Brito dos Santos
Major de Cavalaria



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