Report suspicious activity

For years one of the cornerstones of neighbourhood watch practiced in many countries and the GNR’s Safe Residence Programme, which has operated in the Algarve since 2010, has been the reporting of suspicious activities to the police. Citizens have prevented countless crimes and saved lives by becoming actively involved in protecting their communities through making such reports or simply being involved as a witness when crime occurs in the neighbourhood. Without doubt the level of response from your police and the efficiency by which they operate is directly tied to community involvement.

By reporting suspicious activities you can help police make your community safer and more secure, reduce crime and improve the overall quality of life.

Safe Communities Algarve in conjunction with police, has developed a simple on-line system of reporting suspicious activities to the GNR and the Judicial Police, whose responsibilities are outlined in the boxes below. Do NOT use this service in an emergency. Call your nearest GNR station or 112 instead.



Is a military force responsible for the policing and investigation of crime throughout the Algarve, except the town centres of Lagos, Portimão, Faro, Olhão, Tavira and V.R.S. Antonio, which come under the PSP.

They investigate, crimes such as burglaries; other thefts; street robberies; shop lifting; drug trafficking; minor assaults; domestic violence; theft of items from vehicles; and more minor crime. Investigations are directed either at one of the six divisional units in this map or at the Faro District Command Headquarters

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Judicial Police

Is a national investigation agency charged with the investigation of very serious crime such as; homicide; corruption; terrorism; bank robberies; all robbieries involving a firearm; criminal gangs; international drug trafficking; cybercrime; forgery, kidnapping. The full list can be found here.

The PJ South Headquarters is based in Faro and covers southern Portugal, including the Algarve. Suspicious activities can be reported ANONYMOUSLY and the standard of English is high. Reports can also be made 24/7 on 289884522/3

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What to look out for

Suspicious activities can refer to incidents, individuals or circumstances that seem unusual or out of place. Some common examples of suspicious activities include:

A stranger loitering in your neighborhood or a vehicle cruising the streets repeatedly; someone peering into cars or windows; a high volume of traffic going to and coming from a home on a daily basis; someone loitering around schools, parks or secluded areas; strange smells coming from a house or building; open or broken doors and windows at a closed business or unoccupied residence; someone tampering with electrical, gas or sewer systems without an identifiable company vehicle or uniform; sounds of breaking glass, gunshots, screaming or fighting; strangers removing license plates or loading valuables into vehicles from a residence even if the moving truck looks legitimate.

How to report

Providing a quick and accurate description of events, vehicles, and persons can make all the difference in apprehending a potential criminal. Any type of activity or circumstance that seems unusual should be reported.

When reporting suspicious persons, provide as much detail as possible. Start with the basics and get more specific. One reliable method to consistently make good suspect descriptions is to begin at the head and work your way down. For example: “He was a white male with blonde hair. He was wearing a brown shirt, blue jeans and sneakers.” Include, gender, age and ethnicity, height, hair and eye colour, distinguishing marks such as moustache, beard, piercing and tattoos or disabilities; clothing.

When reporting suspicious vehicles, provide as much information as possible about the vehicle, its colour, type, make, occupants, the license plate or any identifying marks or characteristics, its activities and direction of travel. If you have a paper and pen or pencil handy, write down the information so you can read it to the police.