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60 year old tourist bitten by snake in V.R.S.Antonio - 17 /06/ 2017

On 15th June  a  60-year-old foreign tourist was bitten by a 1.20 meter snake next to a prefabricated house in a tourist development on the site of Caliço, in Vila Nova de Cacela , In the municipality of Vila Real de Santo António (VRSA).

The victim was transported to the Faro Hospital, while the non-venomous animal was safely collected by members of the VRSA Volunteer Firefighters and delivered to the Institute for Nature Conservation and Forestry (ICNF).

“The man was bitten twice in both hands as he was walking in vegetation next to a fence. The nake was by a prefabricated house.

Please note:

The snake is not poisonous. It was 1.20 meters, and of a non-venomous species.

It will have bitten the tourist in self-defence, after having felt its space invaded. These snakes control pests such as rodents, and are considered to be very important from the environmental point of view.

Prevention of accidents From March to October it is common to find this type of reptiles. It is recommended that anyone who finds such an animal should seek help to avoid accidents.


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