Kiss FM Crimecheck

“Crimecheck” is an exciting venture between Kiss FM and Safe Communities Algarve to bring listeners the latest information about crime prevention and community safety here in the Algarve.

The program takes place on the last Sunday of each month at 0920 hours and is part of Owen Gee’s Solid Gold Sunday.

During the programs David Thomas, President of Safe Communities Algarve, covers all the latest topics and provide tips to help residents and visitors to the Algarve keep the region a safe place to live and visit. Each program will be uploaded onto this site so if you miss one you can listen to it later.

Simply click on the program on the right of this page and then on the arrow of the bar that appears to play the recording.

Stay posted for further news.

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  • Crime Check @ Kiss 29th December 2013
  • Crime Check @ Kiss 1st December 2013
  • Crime Check @ Kiss 30th November 2013
  • Crime Check @ Kiss 31st August 2013
  • Crime Check @Kiss 27th July 2013
  • Crime Check @ Kiss 30th June 2013
  • Crime Check @ Kiss 28th December 2012
  • Crime Check @ Kiss 28th September 2012
  • Crime Check @ Kiss 28th July 2012
  • Crime Check @ Kiss 29 June 2012
  • Crime Check @ Kiss 2nd March 2012