40 rental cars destroyed and a firefighter injured in Patacão, Faro

The fire began in a pasture zone on 13th June, but soon spread to the Zitauto rent-a-car vehicles, which were stationed in storage on a plot behind the Regional Directorate of Agriculture in Patacão (Faro). In a few minutes, 40 cars were affected by the flames.

Abel Gomes, 2nd Commander of the District Command for Relief Operations, said at the scene that the causes of the fire are not yet known, but a fire that starts in a vehicle has a very rapid spread and, if it has fuel flames will spread faster. ”

In addition to the speed of flame propagation, firefighters had to face another problem: “access difficulties”. To enable fire trucks to get to the scene of the fire, the perimeter fencing had to be destroyed.

One of the firefighters who was in the fire was injured without but not seriously and was assisted by INEM at the scene. Abel Gomes explained that “it was not due to the fire itself, but he suffered a sprain and had to be taken to hospital.”

The alert for this fire was given at 2:18 pm and there were 51 firefighters from six corporations, supported by 18 vehicles, GNR and INEM.

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